Aesthetic Gum Surgery

Aesthetic gum surgery includes the techniques that aim to restore the periodontium and correct aesthetic disharmonies and functional problems. In recent years, the techniques of gum or periodontal plastic surgery have developed to the extent that they can contribute to many problems that occur at any age. 
The scope of gum surgery includes: 
– The application of a gingival graft
– Gum Removal 
The gingival graft can contribute to procedures such as covering periodontal deficiencies as well as covering an exposed tooth root. The graft can be taken from the patient’s palate, which heals completely after the surgery. There are also commercially available sterile grafts which have been properly prepared and are just as effective.
Gum Surgery can be performed under local anaesthesia either by conventional means (scalpel) or by using laser, which is the preferred method due to improved haemostasis and less post-operative pain. Gum surgery is mainly indicated in cases of swollen gums which are not of microbial origin. In the case of microbial infection, local cleaning or periodontal treatment are of choice. 

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